The Medium Is a Mess

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The medium is a mess The medium is a mess

It’s time to have a break from social media and/or probably abandon the most vicious ones. Of course, autoposting will continue – and that’s it for now. I’ve never been into Мордо(р)книга, i.e. Facebook but I did enjoy Twatter Twitter. After we, Russians, elected Danila Trumpov aka Donald Trump, subverted every election one can possibly think of and pushed Western liberal democracies into a schizodelic Russomaniacal frenzy the mission is complete. It’s time to rest and spend sweet Putin’s money.

What do we have next?

Tumblr? You must be kidding!

Google+? See Tumblr.

Gab? Too autistic for me.

Minds? See Google+.

Pinterest? I shared pics from my blogs there.

Instagram? I use it from time to time to show pics of Russia that I take randomly.

Reddit? Better deaded than Reddit! See Minds.

I watch YouTube videos in English and Russian on…

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The EU has no business being in Ukraine. Russians are a significant minority here. In the last free elections a Russian was elected President!

Russian Universe

Paul Robinson wrote a post titled ‘Alexei Two Percent‘:

As for Navalny, anopinion pollpublished by the Lev­ada Centre today giv­es him almost imperc­eptible levels of po­pular support. Accor­ding to the poll, if a presidential elec­tion were held this Sunday in Russia, 48% would vote for Vla­dimir Putin, 3% for both Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov, and just one percent for Nava­lny. Several other candidates would also get one percent, wh­ile 42% replied that they either don’t know or wouldn’t vote at all.

If you discount this last 42%, then the result of a Russian presidential election this week would be:

Putin – 83%; Zhirino­vsky – 5%; Zyuganov – 4%; Navalny – 2%; Others – 6%.

That rather puts into perspective all the recent hype claimi­ng that Navalny has fundamentally altered the Russian politi­cal dynamic. It also makes one wonder wh­ether the media has its priorities right.


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Termination of new posts

I’ve decided to stop publishing new posts, really due to the many privatised wordpress blogs that are around. Most of them need to be copied and pasted as re-blogging is a wordpress service. This is a great shame but we recently passed the 500 blogs mark. I would like to thank all my readers who have followed EU: Ramshackle Empire.

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The plain truth about terrorism

The US involvement against Libya during the Obama presidency, like so much elsewhere (like the Middle East), left that country a total ruin and triggered a large scale refugee crisis. Every US military involvement creates these results.


or why the “oops we accidentally let ISIS get our guns” excuse does not work…

We get a few people here saying some variant on “ISIS, al Qaeda etc are all the unlooked-for by-producet of the criminal western policy in the Middle East.” It’s one of the would-be middle-of-the-road positions occupied as much through fear of what lies beyond it than for any inherent value it contains. It’s still possible to be considered relatively mainstream and hold this position. Sensible people like Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky promote it. There’s only one problem with it really, namely that it is not true. Recent leaks/releases of government documents have put it beyond question that the US, its Gulf allies and NATO at very least willingly got behind the creation of extreme jihadist groups and have been funding such groups in their attempts to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government.

So we thought…

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The cognitive dissonance of western “progressive liberals”


by Andre Vltchek


Most likely you have already heard that tune, ten times, or maybe one hundred, depending where you live and the circle of friends you have. But let me remind you how it goes: “I’ll never set foot in Singapore, because it is all business there.” Or: “Let others go to Gulf countries, I’d never do something like that. They have no culture and it is all showing off and glitz there, purchased with oil money… not to mention all those terrible conflicts they are fueling in the region.” Then, there is that big ugly “I” name: “Me going there? Over my dead body! It is illegitimate; it is sitting on other peoples’ land.”

So it goes…

While genuine criticism is always healthy, it is important to realize that many of those who get ignited by even hearing the names of places like Dubai or Singapore are actually…

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Military Activity in the Donbass 05.02.2017

Original: Colonel Cassad
Edited by @GBabeuf

Briefly on what is happening in the Donbass:

  1. From the second half of the day the intensity of the shelling again escalated. There has been shelling in the areas of Avdeevka, Zaitsevo, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Kalinovo, on the Svetlodarsk arc, utilising 80-120mm mortars, and 122mm and 152mm cannon.

  2. In Avdeevka the heating and electricity supply was partially restored. Avdeevka Coking Plant continues working. Also restored was the power supply to Gorlovka after yesterday’s knocking out of the power lines in the Svetlodarsk area.

  3. On social networks there are rumours, citing unnamed military sources, of a possible night-time attack by the Ukrainian Army (UAF) towards Gorlovka. DPR power structures are on high alert.

  4. The USA officially announced that the issue of agreements with Russia can be addressed regardless of what is happening in Avdeevka, i.e. in fact it is a question of direct talks to get…

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How the Kiev Regimes War on Donbass broke geopolitics by Scott Humor

This is too long to publish but the link contains much useful information. The EU recruiting Ukraine was a blatant attempt to expand eastward way beyond reasonable limits, including a large number of Russian-speaking population. It was the reason I started this blog. The Donbass is largely Russian-speaking, and the news reported from Ukraine by the media is coloured by the need to keep images of Ukrainian Nazi Sieg Heil salutes off our screens.The whole question is too sensitive to give a proper airing.

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