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A Good Servant, But A Bad Master: Follow The Money in Kiev

Originally posted on The Kremlin Stooge:
Uncle Volodya says, “If you’ve ever wondered what God thinks about money, take a look at some of the people he gives it to ” First, I just wanted to mention that this has…

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IMF Loan on its way to a Bankrupt Ukraine

Dagens Nyheter 28 March 2014, by Ingmar Nevéus (p.23): This will open the way for loans from the EU, the USA, and other countries amounting to USD 27 billions. At the same time accompanying the loans are demands for tough … Continue reading

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Ukrainians on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Re-blogged from I have omitted the video conversation in Russian (see text below). Dmitri Orlov is himself Ukrainian though he lives in the USA. It does look as if the 25th May election in Ukraine is going to witness a reversal … Continue reading

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The EU, housing policy and the post-1991 US hegemony+

First Published in jimsresearchnotes 20 Sept 2009 just as the Eurozone Crisis was about to explode. See this Encyclopaedia Britannia timeline. which starts in October 2009. The crisis continues as the European Debt Crisis Contagion spreads. The EU and the … Continue reading

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The EU – Centralised Authoritarian Neoliberalism+

First Published in jimsresearchnotes 21 April 2010 Fear of Federalism There has been much fear that creating a Federal EU will give the EU too much power. To a large extent both the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties were intended to avoid … Continue reading

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Is Anyone really in control in Ukraine?

Informally re-blogged from Is anyone really in control in Ukraine? [Monday update:More tweets from our deep throat at Kiev Airport: The military and the border police continue to confiscate equipment that is being sent for the failed National Guard. … Continue reading

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The Madness of President Putin

Re-blogged manually from TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014 The Madness of President Putin Juliette Bates [Many thanks to Max who helped put this together.] Of all the various interpretations Western leaders and commentators have offered for why the president of … Continue reading

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