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EU Summit meeting to be held in Sweden June 9th

Fredrik Reinfeldt has arranged a summit meting in Sweden on June 9 to which Angela Merkel (Germany), David Cameron (UK) and Mark Rutte (The Netherlands) have agreed to attend. ( for details see The Local 28 May 2014). Originally Reinfeldt … Continue reading

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LOVELESS INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS THE EU: The map of the book of the film:

Originally posted on The Slog:
Soon to be a new sitcom on ITV: The Abstainers, starring 64% of the entire British electorate. Earlier at The Slog: Racist hatred, detestation of bureaucrats, or Brian’s shoe?

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EU and Euro

Sometimes the same post is central to both blogs. See:

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The Russian Gas Carousel: Who Wants Off, and Who Wants On

Originally posted on The Kremlin Stooge:
Uncle Volodya says, “The real trouble with modern war is that it allows no one the chance to kill the right people. ” Speculation was rife that Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping would…

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TEN DAYS IN MAY: A confluence flowing to disaster

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Although the Footsie 100 was up 0.6% last week, the 250 was down 3.1%. At the start of the that week – and most of the week before – the IT/hitech bubble sector was deflating…

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EU Militarisation 2

As the Wikipedia website on Military of the European Union puts it: “The military of the European Union comprises the several national armed forces of the Union‘s 28 member states, as the policy area of defence has remained primarily the domain of nation states. European integration has however … Continue reading

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EU Militarisation

As usual, the EU is using its “creep” tactics for yet another expansion of EU activities, namely a militarisation of the EU (see This involves both what were originally non-military elements such as the EU Satellite Centre for surveillance purposes, … Continue reading

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Is Paul Goble Just Pretending to be an Idiot?

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Uncle Volodya says, “The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in this world. They can sit at their ease and gape at the play. If they know nothing of victory, they…

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Ukraine: What’s good for the goose…

Originally posted on Autonomous Mind:
When Vladimir Putin gave his solemn pledge to the Americans that Russia would not invade Ukraine, he sentence of reassurance should have been followed up with the words, ‘because we don’t have to’. Instead of…

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READERAMA: Starvation of market returns in investment, the return of starvation in Greece, and the tragic IQ starvation of Mark Williams-Thomas

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Clive of Bridport (who sounds a lot nicer than Clive of India) writes to Sloggers’ Roost with this gem: Bloomberg: – “We’re still in a world where investors are starved of return,” said John Wraith, a…

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