LOVELESS INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS THE EU: The map of the book of the film:

Useful to see the whole spectrum of votes in EU. All countries, including Sweden, focused on their own country’s issues but the barrage of propaganda to go out and VOTE, which I assume was a EU-wide phenomena to legitimate the EU, didn’t work well, voting went up from 45 to only 49 percent in Sweden.

Sweden is a dwarf in this context. With 21 seats in EU’s largely powerless parliament it was bizarre to see that each Swedish candidate held forth on what their own wishes were for the EU to decide. The main issue to fire them was to criticise Denmark for cutting off the tails of pigs. This they must stop!! The issue of all the various alliances in the EU parliament was never even mentioned.

Anyway, here are the seats won or held by party, from top to bottom:
All votes: 48.9%
Vänster (Left): gains 0 seat (vote up by 0.6%, holding their one seat)
Feminist Initiative up from zero seats to 1 seat (vote up from zero to 5.3%)
Greens 6.5% up 1% gained 1 seat (vote up 4.4% to 15.3%, giving 1 gain in seat up from 2 to 3 seats) 29 May recount gave an extra seat, final total went up from 2 to 4 seats at Social Democrats expense.
Social Democrats: down by 0.2 percent to 24.4% (seats held 6, no change, 5 after recount)

On the bourgeois side Moderates lost out to the small bourgeois parties:
Moderates 13.6% down 5.2%, holding 3 of their 4 seats
Centre Party (rural neoliberal) up 1% to 6.5%, hold their 1 seat
Christian Democrats 6% (up 1.3% hold their 1 seat)
Folk Party down 3.6% to 10%, (lost 1 of their 3 seats)
Sweden Democrats (anti-immigrant) up 6.5%, gaining 2 seats (from 0 before)
Pirate Party 2.2% down from 4.9%
June List (want out of EU) down from 3.3% to 0.3%
other (spoiled ballot?) unchanged at 0.4%.

 I think this shows clearly how small and insignificant Sweden’s role is in the EU. As is the case for all small states. The ex-Warsaw Pact countries in John’s chart always have a low % vote.

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Soon to be a new sitcom on ITV: The Abstainers, starring 64% of the entire British electorate.

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