Manoeuvrings within the EU Council

Power inside the EU Council: It is worth spelling out my view of how the EU Council operates. See the earlier post on the Harpsund Meeting.  The outcome of the Harpsund meeting is in itself a fascinating study of the exercise of power in the EU. Just look at this full-screen photo of the 4 Council Members in the Harpsundseken. There are 24 member states of the EU, but they are not all equal in influence. Nor is it just the big member states like the UK, Germany and France that are decisive. I quote from my post of 28th June, EU Council remains All-Powerful:

“So the Harpsund meeting was all in vain, and once it became clear that both the German and French Council members would go ahead and support Jean-Claude Junker, Reinfeldt explicitly gave up the  attempt to find a compromise and as a result Sweden and The Netherlands both swung their Council vote in support of Junker. The final vote was supported by all Council members except those of the UK and Hungary, who voted against appointing Junker: unanimous except for David Cameron and Viktor Orbán.

This whole matter shows how the claimed new importance of the EU Parliament was shown to be a sham. The whole process is also a fascinating insight into the power of the EU Council over all major decisions in what is an authoritarian, if not dictatorial, EU.”

When the big issues are discussed – the appointment of a Commission Head, the EU Parliament remains a meaningless cipher.

The Corporate Media with its concentration of media ownership give a very one-sided picture of international politics. I have done an internet search for corporate media and found several sites, including the two Wikipedia items above.

I was interested to see, for example, that German corporations own much of the Czech media: “Czech governments, anxious not to be seen as placing any obstacles in the way of the country’s path to EU membership, have defended foreign newspaper ownership as a manifestation of the principle of the free movement of capital.[61]

The Guardian reporting of the Ukraine crisis has been shockingly biassed. This is not news to me. It is because of this imbalance that I try to use a wide range of political views in my preparation of a post. It doesn’t reset the balance but is the best I can do.


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