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Definitions of Reality in Ukraine

18 July Update: Much of the Western Media has its own definition of reality regarding what is happening in Ukraine, with a blackout of any news that does not reflect the reality the Ukraine Government presents. The BBC news is … Continue reading

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The EU’s Drang nach Osten

The struggle between Slav and Teuton has been waged for a thousand years. This was presumably why Hitler said the Third Reich would last for a thousand years. He was wrong, and just as wrong will Barosso be if he … Continue reading

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Global outlook murky, Brics new bank a breath of fresh air

Originally posted on The Slog:
The global economy is deteriorating fast, says the Market Oracle. The global economic outlook is rising says the Economic Times. The outlook is uncertain says Janet Yellen. Chinese output grew 7.5% in the 2nd quarter…

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The EU is Rule by Oligarchy

Many people, myself included, have difficulty understanding what the point is of a superstate with ambitions to dominate the whole of Europe. If it were just about increasing trade, this would not need a politically centralised Europe-wide state. In 2007, after … Continue reading

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Manoeuvrings within the EU Council

Power inside the EU Council: It is worth spelling out my view of how the EU Council operates. See the earlier post on the Harpsund Meeting.  The outcome of the Harpsund meeting is in itself a fascinating study of the exercise … Continue reading

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An Alternative to EU’s Ukrainian Narrative

We in the west get a very peculiar and one-sided view of the conflict over Novorossiya. This is mainly because the EU Council want to recruit Ukraine as a new member state: at any price. Whether you read The Guardian … Continue reading

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Nej till EU

This is a public link to the People’s Movement No to the European Union website page in English: On the right of this page are three further pages in English, all pdf files that can be downloaded. The three link posts … Continue reading

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