Ukraine in the EU

The propaganda from the Western media gives a very odd picture of events in Ukraine. It has never been in Russia’s interest to take over the whole of Ukraine. The partizans fighting in Eastern Ukraine have done so entirely on their own. They have not been in receipt of Russian weapons or any other material support. Indeed, the concern has been to shelter and aid the civilians in the war zone. It cannot be any other way in guerrilla warfare. Since time immemorial guerrillas have supported and aided the local population, and they in turn support and hide/feed the guerrillas. Robin Hood in England many centuries ago is just one example.

No doubt once even more money is pumped into that sad country and once they have an army both trained and experienced to terminate the guerrilla warfare (at least in the short run!). But if the Ukrainian Junta continues to bomb and use white phosphorus on its civilian population in Eastern Ukraine and continues its systematic ethnic cleansing, the unrest there may continue or blow up again.

The majority of the population in the Luhansk and  Donets are, after all, Russians. The Junta has tried ethnically cleansing the east and have succeeded in driving hundreds of thousands of refugees across the border to Russia where they are all looked after with care and attention, medically and in terms of shelter, food and hygiene. Any wanting to return are free to do so. But for many the junta have destroyed their homes. This is not what the corporate media tell us, bent as it is in painting Russia as evil and dangerous. I don’t understand the hysteria in the Swedish media about the threat of invasion by Russia to this cold but beautiful Northern land. Russia has quite enough just watching Ukraine destroying itself by civil war right next door, giving both shelter and urgent aid by long truck convoys to the people.

Ukraine is bankrupt and will continue to be for a very long time to come. The IMF loans are now added to by US and EU loans, I have long since lost track of the sums involved except that they are horrendous. And large sums are still owing to Russia for unpaid gas and oil deliveries.

The Ukrainian government is a puppet regime installed by the US with EU support. It is not elected and is more accurately called a Junta. There has only been one fair and democratic election in Ukraine, in 2010, as reported in the Guardian at the time and before it did its U-turn, falling in line with the rest of the corporate media:

“Observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said there were no indications of serious fraud and described the vote as an “impressive display” of democracy. “For everyone in Ukraine this election was a victory,” João Soares, president of the OCE’s parliamentary assembly, said.”

Perhaps eventually elections will be held uninfluenced by US pressure on the Junta to oppose Russia and some sort of reconciliation will be possible. But I am not optimistic. The danger of the nuclear holocaust of World War III remains, especially if the Junta over-reach themselves should they invade Crimea or US Missile bases are established on the west bank of the Donetsk River. From there it is but a hop and a skip to the quietly flowing Don and the Eastern limits of Europe. The German dream of an empire stretching to the Urals and Volga failed twice, both times by launching military attacks westward – the Schlieffen Plan and the Ardennes Offensive by the Third Empire, resulting in bloodbaths in the East and the second time also the Holocaust.

The EU is also an evil empire bent on stirring trouble in the east. And ironically it has also first incorporated the west into the EU and then the East, just as the Second and Third Empires did. But it is in Ukraine that the bloodbath has started this time round, at the latest count costing some 2,000 lives and a  million refugees. The cost in human suffering and death is likely to go much higher. The gleam of hope lie in the abandonment of the Euro, which may happen very soon in the event of a new sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Eventually I believe Merkel’s dream of a centralised EU under a Junker will be abandoned, and a more natural decentralised EU will emerge from the ashes, though we may have to wait for a new Chancellor unburdened by the empire. There will still be sovereign debt crises but not one massive euro-caused mega crisis. US power is also declining. In the medium run this will probably mean that the EU develops its own armed forces in combination with NATO. And BRICS, including Russia, will fill the vacuum left by the USA. There are no democracies left in the world with the corporate press systematically and obediently churning out disinformation. What an appalling situation this is.

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