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Military and Political Analysis of the Donbass Ceasefire Lines

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What Could Happen From Here September 22nd, 2014 Author: Jeb Stuart Editor: Linda Sakadd The purpose of this analysis is to consider the present situation in Donbass between the opposing forces and what might take…

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Why ‘Je m’en fou’ will be the death of the EU

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France is going backwards, Le Pen is going forwards, Italy is going nowhere, and the Brits just want to go. France’s insuperable problems are still by far the most likely to unravel the EU and…

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On the eve of the decisive battle for Donbass.

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Original article by Denis Seleznev Translation: Daniel Mihailovich Editors: S. Naylor and O. Luzanova What will the final offensive of the junta look like? The situation in Donbass is in limbo. On one hand, the signed…

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Die Anstalt satire on Ukraine reporting This is a 20 minute video taking the rise out of biassed media reporting on Ukraine. Well worth watching. Subtitles available in English and a range of other languages.

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SOMETHING BREWING IN BERLIN: Is Merkel weighing the cost of past US/EU folly against a future with Sino-Russian revival?

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Fossil fuels, sovereign debt, Islam, the euro, American debt, German gold and deregulated credit may be combining to push Merkel closer to Putin. There exists today a geopolitical continuum in which energy, credit, fiat currency…

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The Russia They Lost

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Original article by Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich: September 8, 2014 Translated by: Daniil Mihailovich Edited by: S. Naylor We loved America. I remember, we did. When we were teens, growing up in the early 90s; most…

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The Nuclear Answer to Chamberlain

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Original Article: Translated by: Gleb Bazov Edited by S. Naylor The Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Geletei, has announced that Ukraine will choose to drop its nuclear-free status and arm its army with nuclear weapons…

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