SOMETHING BREWING IN BERLIN: Is Merkel weighing the cost of past US/EU folly against a future with Sino-Russian revival?

  1. This is an interesting and important observation. No German leader wants to be left holding the parcel when they are in office, so pass the parcel quickly. But the euro has to go before the economies of Europe can take off. This has gone on long enough, years of economic depression all because of the faulty design of the euro. We can only wait and hope it happens sooner rather than later.

The Slog.

merkputFossil fuels, sovereign debt, Islam, the euro, American debt, German gold and deregulated credit may be combining to push Merkel closer to Putin.

There exists today a geopolitical continuum in which energy, credit, fiat currency collapse, sovereign debt and banking derivative exposures blur one into another. Saudi power, ISIS fury and Western duplicity have all renderedwhat used to be thought wild conspiracy theories into everyday geopolitics. Something is being planned in Berlin, but what is it?

In the Berlin Chancellery today, Angela Merkel and several of her closest confidantes are trying to decide what comes next for Germany. They do so on a canvas where, writ large, are the failures of post-Gold Standard paper money, the eurozone debt crisis, the threat of Draghi’s control over the European Central Bank, the will o’ the wisp that was once 120 tonnes of German gold, a global neolib crisis, and a massive…

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