Military and Political Analysis of the Donbass Ceasefire Lines

This is a sorry mess, as Kiev is beginning to realise. All the talk of joining NATO has stopped, more recently joining the EUSSR instead. That il take a long time, perhaps forever, to get Ukraine’s economy in order, if that is ever possible in the light of Ukraine’s cripplingly heavy IMF loans.

Ukraine acting the fool

What Could Happen From Here
September 22nd, 2014

Author: Jeb Stuart
Editor: Linda Sakadd

The purpose of this analysis is to consider the present situation in Donbass between the opposing forces and what might take place from here. This evaluation is primarily based on the September 15th map of hostilities and may, therefore, be somewhat out of date.

General Situation

Due in part to the widespread dissemination of photos of Ukrainian punitive battalions wearing Nazi insignia and to reports of their atrocities against civilians, volunteers from all over the world have come to the aid of the Novorossiyan cause, boosting their numbers considerably in August and September. This substantially evened the odds of the conflict, which had initially been heavily in Ukraine’s favor.

Over the course of August, Ukrainian forces lost several brigades and over a hundred armored combat vehicles and artillery pieces, due to these units driving too far…

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