Mike Whitney on Ukraine

The links below provides a useful summary of the current situation. I have been waiting for some clarity for a while now and this explains what has happened and the events around it. The whole situation is a tragedy, brought about by US Government interference in Ukraine by trying to ensure a pro-US Junta is in charge.

Of course, the EU has been the start of this appalling mess, but has quietly remained in the background. It seems no-one can afford to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, the cost of doing this would just be too great. Some co-operative effort will be required but how this will be done is anyone’s guess. There is too much loss of face involved by the US, the EU, and Ukraine.


The article is also available to read on http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.se/2014/10/mike-whitney-interviews-saker-for.html

With the Euro’s fatally flawed design the financial burden of taking on full responsibility for Ukraine is beginning to look far too much. The economic slump caused by the Euro needs to be addressed, without getting mired in foreign adventures. The Ukraine is a mess, and even if all countries including Russia worked together the burden would be too much for EU to carry. Alone, the EU cannot possibly do anything.

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