World War III creeps closer

One of the most interesting websites that I follow is that of Paul Craig Roberts. His full details are given here: It is a striking fact that many of those who were intimately involved with the Federal Government and who are on the libertarian right-wing of US politics have also been among the harshest critics of US foreign policy. Paul Craig Roberts is one of these.

The last two posts on his website are worth reading in full for any who are concerned about the future: and

The sub-title of EU: Ramshackle Empire is Neoliberalism, Wars, Extremism, Racism which appears to be frighteningly close to what is happening. I might have added growing pauperisation to the sub-title list. No wonder the 1930s are seen by many to be the precursor of the present Neoliberal era. Wars are being waged in an arc from Afghanistan through the Middle East, and now most dangerously in Ukraine, on the very doorstep of Russia.

Are our member counties of the EU even aware of what they have unleashed against Russia? I doubt it, and I include Sweden as one of the blindest of the blind. In Sweden it is even worse, in stark contrast to its armed neutrality policy of 200 years. The reason is almost certainly Jantelagen (“a Scandinavian thing!”), to gang up against those who disagree with you.

The irony is made more poignant by the fact that Putin is the easiest to negotiate with of all the Russian rulers. Few can see this, thanks to the corporate media presstitutes, which have maintained a barrage of anti-Putin propaganda sustained over many years – ever since the European Empire first decided to have its Drang nach Osten.

So Merkel may be the first German Chancellor to realise the old Prussian and Hitlerite dream of Lebensraum through eastern conquest, though in its modern form not for Germans to colonise but as the granary of the European Empire. Nor is this a “peaceful” acquisition: so far some 4,000 deaths have been the result. All empires eventually become hated by those they suppress. It is a profound irony that only Germany holds the key to whether this will happen or not, but at what price we will not know until it is too late for anyone to have regrets.

Crimea will be the point of no return: an oblast that has been Russian for as long as the USA has existed, so there may still be time for the EU to pull back from the brink, which Merkel could do if she wanted to. She clearly does not!

Another Meaningless UN Vote: This one was sponsored by Russia and many of its allied nations. Perhaps not quite meaningless, as it worked to embarrass the US (who together with its extreme neoliberal neighbour Canada, and, of course, Ukraine: the only three countries in the United Nations that voted against it). It also turned out that all the EU member states, including Hungary and the Czech Republic abstained. It was the Hungary vote that alerted me. It is clear that this is not an issue that is seen as essential in any way to political realities. Washington’s Blog expressed this very well:

“Germany abstained from voting on this resolution because their leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, does not want to offend the U.S. President by voting for a resolution that the U.S. Government strongly opposes; and also because, as today’s leader of the land where nazism started — in the first nazi political party, the Nazi Party of Germany — she does not want Germany to vote against a resolution that condemns Nazism. If Germany were to have voted against this anti-nazi resolution, she would have faced a political firestorm at home. So, Germany abstained, in order not to offend Obama on the one side, and her public on the other.” (Washington’s Blog – for reference see below).

Interestingly enough, despite having given haven to a large jewish minority to escape the Nazi Holocaust, the US clearly sees it as more important to support Ukraine and its Banderastan regime. This was the regime that the USA has been instrumental in getting into office by ousting Ukraine’s elected leader in the maidan false flag assassinations – the only elected leader Ukraine has ever had, but opposed by the USA and the EU. Israel voted for the resolution, as anyone would expect. See the voting results here:

This follows the pattern of US giving aid to the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union attempted takeover, and the tangled weave of interests in Syria where the opponents of the Assad regime are supported by the US while the US bombs IS. It seems old lessons are never learned. If the support for the current regime in Ukraine continues as I am sure it will, the day will surely come when the Nazi element in Ukraine will force the US to do a volte face.

For a discussion of the bizarre voting outcome, especially the USA, but also the EU countries (all of which followed Germany – including  Sweden) see

So much for the UN…

But I can strongly recommend Washington’s Blog as a frequent commentator on the Ukraine situation.

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