Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

If this is right, then the European Empire’s attempt to recruit Ukraine was the opening move to the start of WW3. Clearly the US has been hoping Russia would move troops into Ukraine. If Russia continues to resist moving into Ukraine the opening of this war will be a detonated nuclear bomb in Eastern Ukraine, blamed on Russia then followed by a massive nuclear attack on Russia. The aim being to knock Russia out of the war. China would be next on the US-EU list.

Atlas Monitor

Stephen Lendman | Global Research | December 15, 2014

Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia. Targeting its sovereign independent government. Its main Eurasian rival.

Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance installed. By color revolution or war. US hegemonic ambitions threaten world peace.

Things are more dangerous today than any time since events preceding WW II. Russian economist/political analyst Mikhail Delyagin expects a major anti-Russian provocation.

Expressing his views on Pravda radio. Saying “things and information of a unique character…threaten us all very much.”

Ukraine is a pretext. A US-led NATO platform. A dysfunctional, criminal Washington installed neo-Nazi regime.

Economically bankrupt. With no legitimacy whatever. Dependent on outside support for survival. America’s newest colony.

Controlling policy. Calling the shots. What Washington says goes. Kiev’s stooge regime salutes and obeys. Otherwise it’s replaced. Color revolution 3.0 installing another.

“Why did the Ukrainian crisis happen,” Delyagin asked? “What is the fundamental…

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