Of course Saddam had WMDs: how the US knew

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Of course Saddam had WMDs: how the US knew

by Jon Rappoport

January 24, 2015


Yes, prior to Gulf War 2, all sorts of people were lying about WMDs in Iraq. There was the whole business about the yellowcake and Niger, and Colin Powell speaking before the UN.

There was a WMD depot in Iraq that wasn’t a depot.

There were people who said they had secret evidence Saddam shipped weapons out of the country. And maybe they did have evidence.

But this is a different story. It involves the prospect of inspectors finding very serious weapons and then saying, “Wait! The weapons’ containers have American labels on them!”

That didn’t happen, but it could have. And then what a fiasco would have ensued, since the US government was about to wage war to “end Saddam’s threat.” Yet, the US had armed him.

In 1975, the US signed on…

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