Chairman of the DNR Government Zakharchenko: We’re Now an Established State

This was in a way inevitable. Had Ukraine’s junta not been egged on by the USA to continue the war, the two republics would have been happy to stay in Ukraine. But now they have been left with the Junta waging war on their people and there is no will for ending the fighting in Kiev. The whole idea of “pro-Russian separatists” was the result of the USA insisting on fighting and blockading. A self-fulfilling prophesy – the Thomas Theorem again! – of tragic proportions resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. Very sad…

Voices from Russia

00 Happy Birthday DNR! 07.04.15



Last year, on 11 May, we declared our independence. A year ago, our people unanimously said “yes” to freedom and independence. I’d like to sum things up. We may still be an unrecognised republic, but no one can force us to turn from the path we’ve chosen. We’re an established state now; we’ve shown the world that not only can we defend our freedom by force of arms, but also that we can build a country, one that’d fulfil our dreams. The previous government didn’t differ from any other in the other oblasts of the Ukraine… the only thing that it did for the people was to give empty promises… which people believed at first. Indeed, 11 May saw our first national referendum… the people gave a firm “no” to slavery and fascism. Immediately after the referendum, we had to deal with constructing our new state. If it…

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