17 May 2015. LNR CHairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky… “We Had to Fight”

This is the Lugansk Government representative, who also hoped for peace, but seems resigned to fight on. Wikipedia mostly spells the oblast with a g (aspirated) but here with h, Luhansk. The US is now sending weapons to the Ukraine junta as well as non-lethal equipment. Plotnitsky, an orthodox believer is prepared for the worst. “I fear that the worst is yet to come.”

We get so little news from our own “free” media on Ukraine that every little scrap of news is news-worthy.

Voices from Russia

00 Red or Dead! 08.05.15


00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15

I V Plotnitsky… Chairman of the LNR Government, he was a major in the Soviet Army (he was in the artillery troops). He’s not as telegenic as most pols are… which is a PLUS. He looks like someone from down the street… not like hucksters like Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, and Ted Cruz… yes, Igor Venediktovich is BOTH Red and Orthodox!


The folks in the Peoples Republics have determination and guts… and guts is all you need. They have real people such as Igor Venediktovich as leaders… not incompetent jumped-up American puppets like the junta. My gut feeling is that the war will reach its climax this year… whether the Peoples Republics will be independent or be integral parts of the Russian Federation, no one knows, but it’s clear that they’ll NEVER be part of a notional “Ukraine” ever again, not after the war crimes and enormities committed…

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