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Poland turns on Ukraine

Poland turns on Ukraine June 23, 2015Poland to alter its “Eastern Policy” By Fr Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski Translated from Polish by J.Hawk Sejm Deputy Marcin Swiecicki (formerly of Polish United Workers’ Party, currently the Citizens’ Platform) noted on his facebook … Continue reading

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Inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (Pt. 1)

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on Russian Universe:
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (1818-1858). Some photos which I took inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral on my latest trip to Saint Petersburg. It’s even more beautiful when you see it in reality.

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It is we – and not Greece – who are responsible for the debt-burden

In Dagens Nyheter (pp. 6-7, 26 June 2015) Jürgen Habermas launched a blistering attack on the EU politicians who “have turned themselves into zombies”, fixated on the belief that the astronomical Greek state debt can be paid by the Greeks alone. This … Continue reading

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Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’

Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’ Published time: June 27, 2015 07:16  Get short URL Reuters / Yves Herman Conflict, Military, NATO, Russia, Security The Russian Foreign ministry has criticized the outcome of NATO ‘s ministerial … Continue reading

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Smash NATO Before it’s too Late

The USA and the EU have sewn everything up between them, and are moving events closer and closer to World war III. The sense of powerless and exclusion from decisions by these two totalitarian states is really hard to witness. … Continue reading

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Black Earth and the Struggle for Ukraine’s Future

Originally posted on
Preamble: We are delighted to introduce Andrey Panevin, who will be joining Slavyangrad as a regular contributor of original (and undeniably unique) analytical perspectives to The article below is a vivid example of his strengths as an…

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‘The American Century’ has plunged the world into Crisis: what happens now?

U.S. foreign policy is dangerous, undemocratic, and deeply out of sync with real global challenges. Is continuous war inevitable, or can we change course?By Conn Hallinan and Leon WofsyJune 23, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “FPIF” –  There’s something fundamentally wrong with … Continue reading

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The “Denial” of US Military Aid to Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Battalions. The Conyers-Soho Amendment

Who would have thought that the EU would bring back Nazism to Europe after all the sacrifices of World War II?

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The State of the Kurds

See also and By Yaroslav Trofimov at The Wall Street Journal It is a time of good news for the Kurds, a people more accustomed to tragedy than to triumph. Just last week in Turkey, a political party rooted in … Continue reading

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Public Didn’t see Last Two World War coming either Public Didn’t See Last Two World Wars Coming Either Posted on June 20, 2015 by DavidSwanson Books about how World War I started, and to a lesser degree how World War II started, have tended in recent years to explain that these … Continue reading

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