USA: The Raging Hegemon

The EU and the USA have in place a tacit agreement that EU recruits a new member state, while the Global Hegemon receives a military base to add to its collection. It is very unusual that such an attractive military base as Sevastopol ever arises. The peninsular is a platform projecting into the Black Sea and dominates that sea. Because Russia took control of Sevastopol after the US-engineered putsch that put a far right-wing junta into power in Kiev, the US part of the plan left the US without that precious base. I use the expression “far right-wing” even though it might be more accurate to call the Junta neo-Nazi, or more specifically Ukronazi, the Junta’s own far-right version of Nazism. Poroshenko, the President of this junta is a useful idiot to represent the rump of the centre-right junta. See this global research post on the US proposal that the Nobel Peace Prize be given to Poroshenko.

Let us try to see this from the US position. The EU cannot deliver the military base that the US wants. It could opt for a base at Mariupol, where an US airborne unit is training Ukronazi troops but that is very much second best. Mariupol has a population of half a million, it is without fortifications, and has heavy industries.  Like most other towns in the eastern oblast it is dominated by russian-speakers. See NATO in Mariupol.

The US fury at being denied Crimea seems to have no bounds and so the US is casting around for ways to hit back at Russia. FIFA is one of these, as Russia won the right to stage the 2022 World Cup, and Qatar the 2018 event. The Hegemon will probably decide that it is too late to deprive Qatar, but that – lo and behold – Russia would be an ideal country to “punish” for bribery.

This is, of course, sheer spite. I remember when Sweden was bidding to host the world cup in recent times it was very apparent that bribery was necessary to secure the tournament, but all that is irrelevant now, and will be forgotten in future years too, when all will return to normal in the competition to host the world cup. Bribery is part of the neoliberal order of things where competition is fierce. See the Wikipedia article on FIFA World Cup Hosts.

Finally, it is worth noting that game-results are often manipulated in all sorts of ways. Anywhere there is a lot of money at stake creates ways of getting round the rules. A lot of people have been thoroughly put off big sporting events for this reason.

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