Increasing Numbers of Ukrainian Army Are Switching Sides

Increasing Numbers of Ukrainian Army Are Switching Sides

June 29th, 2015
Rusvesna – adapted by Joaquin FloresIn today’s media briefing with the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, confirmed what leaks and rumors had indicated for some time.  He said that it no longer makes any sense to hide the recent increase in official defections from the side of Ukrainian army over to that of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic.

“There were cases before, but they were not as many. We do not always advertise these, as we have concerns for providing for the safety of these people, and that’s not to say that we don’t now, but to hide the fact of what is so evident makes no sense, and it is already politically incorrect “, – he stated to RIA Novosti.

“It just goes to show that those coming to our side, well they see where the situation is, which has turned into a political “Titanic “- summed up Plotnitsky.

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