Ukraine: Right Sector and Rumblings of Revolt

An hour after I posted yesterday a new post was published in the Fort Russ blog, shedding more light on events. Since then there have been several more posts. The situation looks ominous for the Junta, a neo-nazi revolt against the Junta is brewing. I have brought together the main links that I have found, and present them below. I draw some preliminary conclusions at the end of this post. this was the post that made me sit up. The various neo-nazi militants in Ukraine have joined in opposition to Kiev.

Timoshenko is joining in with the criticism: Meanwhile in Transcarpathia, and Right Sector, now reinforced, mobilises 10,000 fighters. Russia Today reports that Ukraine’s Civil War spreads to the westRussia Insider: That is a bit over the top – the copy has not yet happened – but it is yet another sign that the Kiev junta is in dire trouble.


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