Lviv activistis are demanding autonomy for Galicia

Pravyi means ‘Right’ in Czech and in Slovak as in the Russian word Pravda. The word has the same double meaning in English “you are right!”, often used in Conservative advertising – “keep right”. Galicia is ethnically and linguistically very mixed, Polish, Ukrainian-Russian, Hungarian, Slovak – being on the border with Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The figures for people’s membership of different linguistic and cultural groups is very hard to determine. See

Original: Boris Rozhin / Colonel Cassad LiveJournal
Translated from Russian by @ThreeTimesNine / Edited by Moti Nissani

LVOV1 copyOriginal:

Pravyi Sektor tried to intervene, but despite the protests of the Pravyi Sektor Lviv chapter, about three hundred activists from various social organizations came out today with demands for real autonomy for the Lviv region. The rally of the supporters of Galician autonomy began at 16:30 in front of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The protesters blocked traffic on Vinnichenko street. Participants at the rally were holding placards that read: “Poroshenko has betrayed his people!”, “Special status for Galicia—real autonomy for the Lviv region!”, “Galicia is Europe!”, “Stop feeding the thieves in Kiev!” “Taxes should remain in the Lviv region!”

Activists of Pravyi Sektor tried to block the protest rally; however, as the main forces of the Pravyi Sektor are currently in Mukachevo, the “autonomists” were able to hold their event…

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