Financial Times: Ukraine’s Army is Falling Apart

This is the picture in Ukraine that the western corporate media never discuss. The silence is deafening. Financial Times is an exception in this case.


by Roman Olearchyk via Russia Insider


The article in the Financial Times which we reproduce below is remarkable.

It completely contradicts the Western and Ukrainian media picture of the Ukrainian situation, which is of a Ukraine bravely resisting “Russian aggression”.

Some US commentators have even written – absurdly – of Ukraine fighting the Russian army to a standstill.

The reality – as the article shows – is completely different.

It is one of:

(1) A deeply demoralised and disillusioned army, ill-equipped and poorly treated and trained, increasingly angry with Ukraine’s political and military leadership, which it feels has betrayed it;

(2) Rising support within the army rank-and-file for Right Sector – an organisation whose very existence and influence the Financial Times has previously sought to conceal or deny;

(3) Growing disillusion across Ukrainian society – not just the military – with a Maidan Revolution that has completely failed to end…

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