THE GLOBAL MEDIA & BREXIT: 24/7 fear propaganda, and no sign of a level playing field

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If you want to surrender to corporate State media lies and the globalist neoliberals, vote to remain in the EU

But if you want independent media and an accountable political class, vote Leave: because clearly, that’s what the greedy gargoyles around the world don’t want you to do.

The rate at which BoombustTV invents new euphemisms for ‘correction’ renders me in awe of its speed out of the blocks. The peeps over there are faster than Barney Quinn’s newsflash-speak. The markets have been selling off again (because the data are at best equivocal) so this morning Bloomberg calls it “subdued vallativverdie”. We ain’t at vallativverdie yet. When we get there, it’ll be called something like “subprime panic” or maybe “mild anxiety”, and just before we enter Valhalla, it’ll finally be called vallativverdie. But no way is anyone going to say ‘recession’ until the handcart reaches Hell.

So determined are the…

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