CRASH2: This isn’t the queue for the showers, but it IS the queue for the queue.

The Slog.

President Obama having formally declared The Queue open, The Slog looks at where the queue might lead.

SQUARE.JW.01It seems that if Britain leaves the EU, that will speed up the European disintegration process, “and engulf Britain” said Yanis Varoufakis last night. But if we stay, the costs of economic standstill, mindless austerity, East European rebellion, extreme politics and TTIP corporatocracy, er, won’t.

It’s an intriguing piece of logic, and one matched by the fact that, as Barclays announces an intention to sell its loss making French business, the “French recovery” has not as yet shown up in the employment data. Given there hasn’t been one, it wouldn’t.

I’ve spent the last week (in idle moments) checking how the main “positive” corporate results got through the tape. Not much point doing this in the banking business, as everyone there is haemhorraging money; but elsewhere the answer is obviously fourfold: accountancy, cutting…

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