The Political Economy of Child Conscription (by Stealth)

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‘We don’t have conscription in this country anymore, but other countries do’

It is 100 years since Britain introduced conscription into the military as well as the possibility of conscientious objection.  In practice this meant that men and women were compulsorily ‘enlisted’ to military service.  In other words, names on the list were compelled to perform service unless their objection, on grounds of conscience, was recognised by the state.

On Conscientious Objectors Day, I stand on the streets of Liverpool with other peace activists to discuss this issue of military conscription.  I try to help people to better understand conscientious objection – its rationale, purpose and consequences.  I also I tell people that although conscription was formally abolished in the UK in 1957, it remains in place in a number of other countries.  I tell people why I think this is wrong.

Re-instilling the ‘military ethos’ in children in an…

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