MPs plot to scupper UK referendum result as US State Dept reverses release of Clinton emails

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Old lady’s escape from EU disaster foiled by Piggie with lassoo


mesnipThe Slog has been convinced for months that British referendum voters should see the Leave option as a Brexit from globalism, the Special Relationship, NATO, EU federalism and dangerous US-led geopolitics in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. That the stakes are high for US hegemonists is evidenced by dirty tricks both here and in the US Presidential Election. But disturbing new developments show a clear and continuous line from Hillary Clinton’s emails about TTIP to a Parliamentary Establishment plot designed to reverse the ‘wrong’ referendum result.

I have a sense that a great many people will not have seen this piece at the BBC – an institution which should now be renamed Bollocks Broadcast by Corporatists. My suspicion is that it’s up there ‘for the record’….in pretty much the same way…

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