EU – “Existential Crisis”

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Ahead of the European Union Summit in the Slovak capital Bratislava, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker warned the bloc’s member states that “the EU is, at least in part, in an existential crisis.”

“The European Union is currently not in top condition. Many things did not change for the better. Some developments suggest that in some areas we are being faced with an existential crisis of the European Union,” Juncker emphasized in his state of the union speech delivered in Strasbourg on September 14.

Juncker highlighted that Brussels has recently been faced with many unresolved problems in Europe, including high unemployment, social inequality, soaring public debt, the refugee crisis, the terrorism threat and Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc.

Much in the same vein President of the European Council Donald Tusk describes the situation in his letter addressed to 27 EU leaders before the summit. “Between the skepticism of…

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