US Attack on Deutsche Bank ‘Attempt to Destabilize Global Financial System’

However, in the end the US would ultimately harm itself. Because if the Deutsche Bank goes down, it will cause a “domino effect”: it will be followed by the Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and the whole of the world financial system, he finally said.

from Sputnik: 

D_Deutsche-BankConcerns are growing worldwide about the possible collapse of Germany’s biggest lender, Deutsche Bank, after the US Department of Justice slapped a record high fine on the lender, prompting its market value to plummet and financial problems to ensue; German financial analyst Ernst Wolff explained to Sputnik what it is all about.

Germany’s biggest lender, Deutsche Bank, has been beset by a wide array of problems for which it is now being sued worldwide.

The biggest complaint comes from the US: the Department of Justice is fining the lender $14 billion in connection with the the settlement of its mortgage lending and securitization activities during the 2000’s housing bubble. The potential fine far exceeds previous media…

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