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From this morning’s Guardian:


mesnip Last night I postedthis piece pointing out how neglected (and perniciously ridiculed) direct personal experience of a situation has become in our culture.

I’d like (briefly) to colour in that philosophical piece – which reached several conclusions, of which for me this was the most central:


I live in France, so the examples are French; but they’re also in the news right now. At the head of this post you can see the Guardian’s ‘take’ – and Sapin’s spin – on “how France is doing”. Before these Q3 results, the Q1 and Q2 contractions were ‘unexpected’ – but now Sapin says the country is on course to reach its targets next year.

It’s always an unexpected failure, and it’s always going to be put right next year. But Sapin insists that 2017 projections “are not called into question”. This is a bit like saying it…

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