“Et tu, Brute?” A Message from Donetsk to Iosif Kobzon


Original: narzur.ru 
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by Gleb Bazov


Iosif Davydovich Kobzon—until recently so respected, so loved by us, conquering our hearts with your fealty to compatriots, with your support for our mortal struggle against the fascist scum, with your courage in risking life and limb to come to your homeland in time of war—your newest protestation that “the entire people of the Donbass wishes to be a part of Ukraine!” has not gone unnoticed. To call your declaration a shameless and a vile lie does not do it justice. Your words are a genuine blasphemy because at this very moment Ukraine is bombing our land, killing our children and the elderly, sweeping from the face of the Earth dwellings, hospitals, schools, nurseries, shops, and industrial enterprises. Ukraine has tended to this labour of love for nearly three years—relentlessly, without stopping to eat or sleep.

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