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The Uselessness of NATO Do we really need to defend Montenegro? by Justin Raimondo, November 30, 2016 Print This | Share This The latest entrant into the NATO alliance, Montenegro, underscores both the absurdity of this archaic cold war relic and the dangers … Continue reading

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Russia to deploy mobile hospitals to Aleppo

OffGuardian Photo taken yesterday in an area of East Aleppo from which jihadi rebels were expelled by the Syrian army and its allies. RT reports: Russia will soon deploy mobile hospitals to Aleppo region to provide treatment to residents, according … Continue reading

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Europe – Migrant Crisis – Migrant Invasion Could Mean War for Greece and Turkey

Originally posted on Eurasia News Online:
Source: TRUNEWS The European Union’s commissioner for migration urged EU member states on Monday (November 28) to take more refugees and send more asylum experts to help with the processing of migrants in countries…

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People wake up!

OffGuardian by Peter Koenig, via Defend Democracy Neoliberal-fascist atrocities become rapidly ever bolder and are carried out with impunity. They should wake up the 99.99% from our brainwashed dreams and make us SCREAM! – Scream for change, not at the margin, … Continue reading

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Western weapons falls into the hands of terrorists

OffGuardian by Sophie Mangal British organization Conflict Armament Research (CAR) has examined the ways arms have been supplied to the areas of military conflict around the world and has published a new investigation on Syria (link: CAR experts have … Continue reading

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The Saker blog finally blacklisted by the corporate media

The Saker blog finally blacklisted by the corporate media 🙂 5241 ViewsNovember 26, 2016 79 Comments Over the past couple of days emails have been pouring in warning me that the Saker blog made it to the “An Initial Set … Continue reading

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What is the European Union For?

OffGuardian by Frank After all the initial eu(ro)phoria and hopes placed upon the original concept of a non-aligned, social-democratic Euro-bloc, the reality has turned out somewhat differently. In a pamphlet written in 2011 – Europe: The Unfinished Project – I … Continue reading

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