Donald Trump and Potential Russia-West Break Points

US interventionist policy in the Middle East is an unmitigated disaster. There is still fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban, in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria, and the moslem opposition just grows and grows. Its also created a lot of refugees and poverty. The one positive about Trump is that perhaps – just perhaps – he may make changes there and co-operate with Russia. I’m just not holding my breathe…

Eurasia News Online

MICHAEL AVERKO | 14.11.2016

The state of challenged Russia-West (especially US-Russia) relations is something questioned by Western realists and some alternative others. Donald Trump made it to the US presidency, despite saying some things that run counter to the biases against Russia, evident in the American political establishment.

Among these elites, Trump faces noticeable Democratic and Republican opposition towards his realist stated views on Russia. He has exhibited a will to do things his way. A US president has the power to keep a lid on aggressive tendencies. Two examples come to mind. During the Cuban missile crisis, John F. Kennedy opposed some of those under him, who favored a more confrontational approach. Barack Obama nixed some of the aggressive positions sought by individuals in his administration.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will continue to second guess the negative establishment views on Russia, or change course as he has done on some other issues. Trump’s inner circle…

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