OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT AUDITORS: “There is no May plan for Brexit”

The Slog.

Be you a Brexiteer, a Waspi, a Scot, a junior Doctor or disabled, there is NEVER a plan for us in Whiteminster….only one for them

methink1 Although there appears to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding a leaked memo about the development of Brexit plans, I’m confident that it came from Deloittes. The audits-to-consultancy giant was briefed by May’s Brexit team three months ago. The email concerned allegedly offered frank views for internal consumption about the process being an anarchic shambles, and the spin given out about ‘carefully prepared plans’ was dismissed as completely false. I also understand the executive concerned describes the political splits as a nightmare.

I don’t really see this as “news”, because in over twenty years of having HMG as a client in various guises, it merely confirms my experience of lies, short-term bungling, civil servant obstructionism, schisms, policy driven on the political hoof, and last-minute…

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