“Turkish Stream” and Moscow-Ankara Relations

Eurasia News Online

The Turkish Stream pipeline project enables Ankara to secure its energy supply and demonstrate a strong hand to its Western partners, Hasan Ozertem, Head of the Center for Energy Security Studies at Turkey’s International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) told Radio Sputnik.

On Friday the Turkish parliament ratified an agreement with Russia for the construction of the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline project

The Turkish Stream plans to transport gas from Russia across the Black Sea bed to Turkey, where it will surface at two delivery points, one for Turkish customers and another close to the border crossing with Greece which will supply European customers. The two pipelines will be able to transport 63 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia to Turkey per year.

The project was announced in 2014 but talks on its realization were halted last year after Turkish jets shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber carrying out…

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