THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Cheated Waspi pensioners are paying for 50 years of incompetence, not UK sovereign hardship

This applies to all countries to a greater or lesser degree, though its about the UK.

The Slog

methink1 Unless the political class is made to face its responsibilities to the vulnerable, the eventual revenge could be socially devastating. Whiteminster needs a good kicking now to avoid destabilising violence later. The citizens’ fight for justice is also a fight for a better future.

If nothing else, this trip to Blighty has given me a sense of perspective about the political class. Not “politics”, because that’s a different thing based on the illusion that any of the MPs and ministers involved can be deemed qualitatively better or worse based on the red, blue, orange, green or purple thing. They can’t. It’s a purely quantitative thing, in that some MPs are slightly less bubonic than most, and about seven of the buggers can be trusted not to lie, fiddle and embezzle.

What I’m essentially talking about here is good governance – that’s to say, smart Benthamite investment of public monies…

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