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Germany’s Policies pose a Danger to Europe for the first time since 1945: a view from Poland

Things are beginning to happen in the EU. The Greek crisis has been having Europe-wide repercussions. In today’s Dagens Nyheter the Finance Minister, Magdalena Andersson, argued that Sweden should not become a second-class member of the EU. In typical Social Democratic … Continue reading

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Auschwitz: the Russian Commemoration Putin was not at the Polish commemoration because he was at the Russian one, reported at It was, after all, the Red Army that liberated Auschwitz. Of those of my father’s family who chose not to flee to England … Continue reading

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Centralised Authoritarianism

The European Empire is becoming increasingly authoritarian and centralised. As always, a major crisis is used to increase control by the Council of the EU through an intensified centralisation of power. The EU is not, of course, a totalitarian state, but … Continue reading

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ANALYSIS: Greek debt, gold, espionage, and US anti-Putin propaganda may yet make Merkel face East.

Originally posted on The Slog:
BERLIN/WASHINGTON RELATIONS IN CRISIS As European citizens head for the August Beach fest, very few of them will be aware that the World may be on the brink of the biggest shift in global power…

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Manoeuvrings within the EU Council

Power inside the EU Council: It is worth spelling out my view of how the EU Council operates. See the earlier post on the Harpsund Meeting.  The outcome of the Harpsund meeting is in itself a fascinating study of the exercise … Continue reading

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