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Sweden Joins NATO’s Emerging War Against Russia

First Published in Washington’s Blog This must refer to the Värdlandsavtalet (host land’s agreement) that was first opposed by the Greens, the Left Party and the Sweden Democrats, but later accepted by these parties so no debate took place in the … Continue reading

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Dismantle NATO Now!

This post was from Automatic Earth (see preceding post, though this one by David Stockman is much more focussed on NATO). Some of the Swedish bourgeois parties, including the Moderates) want Sweden to join NATO, ending Sweden’s 200 years long … Continue reading

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Swedish Military Conscription

This has become topical in Sweden. See the Swedish Edition of the Local, 28 October 2014: I didn’t know that conscription had been abolished by the Alliance Government in 2010. Or that the abolition of conscription had been opposed by … Continue reading

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EU Council Remains All-powerful

Introduction: The 2014 elections to the EU parliament was made the subject of a massive media campaign across EU member-states, maintaining that parliament was now more assertive against Council. Let me give a Swedish example. Daily, over an entire month, … Continue reading

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EU Summit meeting to be held in Sweden June 9th

Fredrik Reinfeldt has arranged a summit meting in Sweden on June 9 to which Angela Merkel (Germany), David Cameron (UK) and Mark Rutte (The Netherlands) have agreed to attend. ( for details see The Local 28 May 2014). Originally Reinfeldt … Continue reading

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Sweden’s Armed neutrality

Sweden has had a policy of armed neutrality for the last 200 years since it was introduced by Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a Napoleonic marshal who became King of Sweden and whose line is still extant. The present King of Sweden … Continue reading

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Critical EU Facts

The other day I received through the post my usual copy of Critical EU Facts (Kritiska EU-Fakta, May 2014 No. 134.) produced by Sweden’s No to EU movement. There is also a  website which is available for members to read. I don’t know if it … Continue reading

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