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Seeing no Neo-Nazi Militias in Ukraine

https://consortiumnews.com/2014/09/08/seeing-no-neo-nazi-militias-in-ukraine/ Exclusive: With a new Amnesty International report on possible war crimes by a Ukrainian militia against ethnic Russians in the east, the evidence is mounting that the U.S.-backed Kiev regime knowingly deployed extremists, including neo-Nazis, as part of a conscious strategy, reports … Continue reading

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NATO in Mariupol, Ukraine

http://rt.com/news/257809-general-hodges-visits-ukraine/ US commander in Europe to visit Ukraine Published time: May 12, 2015 14:45  Get short URL Lt Gen. Frederick B. Hodges (Reuters/Ints Kalnins) A US military delegation headed by Army Commander in Europe, Lieutenant-General Frederick ‘Ben’ Hodges, prepares to … Continue reading

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Ukrainian neo-Nazis ‘taboo subject in the west’

The European Empire is recruiting Ukraine, as it tries to extend its lands eastward. We have seen how in the preceding post, the European media buries its head in the sand and pretends not to see the rise of Nazism … Continue reading

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Political Murders in Kiev, US Troops to Ukraine

http://www.informationclearinghouse.infoPolitical Murders in Kiev, US Troops to UkraineBy Ron Paul April 20, 2015 “ICH” –   Last week two prominent Ukrainian opposition figures were gunned down in broad daylight. They join as many as ten others who have been killed or … Continue reading

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