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War in Ukraine: A Possible Compromise?

The Saker has this post about sanctions: http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.se/2014/08/you-wanna-be-uncle-sams-bitch-pay-price.html. The Russian sanctions are a response to EU sanctions against Russia. A Handelsblatt article has done the rounds in the blogs, entitled The West is on the Wrong Path. But some caution is called … Continue reading

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Resignation in “Freed” towns of Eastern Ukraine

Dagens Nyheter (3 Aug 2014) reports of visits to Eastern Ukraine where there is “no trust in the Ukraine Government” and a feeling that “no good can come out of this war” (p.1 and pp. 8-11). The situation remains unresolved with … Continue reading

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The Threat of World War III

The War to end all Wars: For those who remember the BBC TV series Upstairs, Downstairs  from way back in 1971, the summer of 1914 was glorious with sun and days at the beach. Little did anyone know that this would … Continue reading

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IMF Loan on its way to a Bankrupt Ukraine

Dagens Nyheter 28 March 2014, by Ingmar Nevéus (p.23): This will open the way for loans from the EU, the USA, and other countries amounting to USD 27 billions. At the same time accompanying the loans are demands for tough … Continue reading

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EU: the ramshackle empire

http://www.mixedmarriage.wordpress.com: Since I published “The new EU and its embroilment in Global Ostpolitik”  in jimsresearchnotes on 2 Feb 2010, much has changed. In those 4 years the ramshackle empire of the EU has expanded east at a phenomenal rate, but the most recent attempt … Continue reading

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