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Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’

Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’ Published time: June 27, 2015 07:16  Get short URL http://rt.com/news/270073-nato-russia-dominance-troops/ Reuters / Yves Herman Conflict, Military, NATO, Russia, Security The Russian Foreign ministry has criticized the outcome of NATO ‘s ministerial … Continue reading

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World War III creeps closer

One of the most interesting websites that I follow is that of Paul Craig Roberts. His full details are given here: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/pages/about-paul-craig-roberts/. It is a striking fact that many of those who were intimately involved with the Federal Government and who … Continue reading

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The Beginning of a Realisation in the US. Elites

Re-blogged from http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.se/2014/08/the-beginning-of-realization-in-us.html This would be a good solution, but seems unlikely, partly because most US and CIA interests are still in aggressive Cold War mode, and Ukraine already has something of a stubborn but indulged child, a bit like Israel. … Continue reading

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The EU’s Drang nach Osten

The struggle between Slav and Teuton has been waged for a thousand years. This was presumably why Hitler said the Third Reich would last for a thousand years. He was wrong, and just as wrong will Barosso be if he … Continue reading

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The New Cold War

In “The new EU and its embroilment in Global Ostpolitik”jimsresearchnotes 2 Feb 2010 I already knew that the EU was planning a new political campaign in the east: As recently as this year, the European Commission wrote “The EU is seeking an increasingly … Continue reading

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