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United European Army

Well, I knew this had to happen eventually. I’ve written about this more than a year ago. See https://mixedmarriage.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/eu-militarisation/ and https://mixedmarriage.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/eu-militarisation-2/ I also wrote about it some time ago when Reinfeldt took Merkel, Cameron, and the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte to the … Continue reading

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The EU is Rule by Oligarchy

Many people, myself included, have difficulty understanding what the point is of a superstate with ambitions to dominate the whole of Europe. If it were just about increasing trade, this would not need a politically centralised Europe-wide state. In 2007, after … Continue reading

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Manoeuvrings within the EU Council

Power inside the EU Council: It is worth spelling out my view of how the EU Council operates. See the earlier post on the Harpsund Meeting.  The outcome of the Harpsund meeting is in itself a fascinating study of the exercise … Continue reading

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EU Council Remains All-powerful

Introduction: The 2014 elections to the EU parliament was made the subject of a massive media campaign across EU member-states, maintaining that parliament was now more assertive against Council. Let me give a Swedish example. Daily, over an entire month, … Continue reading

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EU Summit meeting to be held in Sweden June 9th

Fredrik Reinfeldt has arranged a summit meting in Sweden on June 9 to which Angela Merkel (Germany), David Cameron (UK) and Mark Rutte (The Netherlands) have agreed to attend. ( for details see The Local 28 May 2014). Originally Reinfeldt … Continue reading

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