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DPR and LPR agree to recognise Crimea as part of Ukraine

http://fortruss.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/dpr-and-lpr-agree-to-recognize-crimea.html We have already seen that the so-called “pro-Russian rebels” have shown themselves willing to be accepted by a legally established Ukraine that is politically non-aligned but not an unelected nazi junta. See this post  here. Now they have also … Continue reading

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Will the EU abandon its Drang Nach Osten strategy?

This is taken from an archived article in Dagens Nyheter 22 May 2015 on the EU meeting in Riga about the EU’s so-called “Eastern Partnership” (Drang nach Osten). The European Empire has nowhere to expand except Eastward. The Other Side of … Continue reading

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LNR and DNR Published Their Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Ukraine

Originally posted on Voices from Russia:
_____________________________ Today, the DNR and LNR published a list of proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. The amendments cover six main articles of the document. There is a proposed supplement to Article 17 or 18, “The…

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