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Why the rise of fascism is again the issue

http://johnpilger.com/articles/why-the-rise-of-fascism-is-again-the-issue I have been growing increasingly concerned at the rise of the big state, allied to big business. See also the stop TTIP campaign, that opposes the USA and the EU combining their forces to impose a corporate ruling body … Continue reading

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How Ukraine’s new Memory Commissar is Controlling the Nation’s Past

http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/how-ukraines-new-memory-commissar-controlling-nations-past/ri9216 This article originally appeared in The Nation Since the Maidan uprising and the subsequent attacks on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory by Russia and Russian-backed rebels, there has been intense debate on how to interpret not only Ukraine’s dramatic present, but also its complex … Continue reading

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Ukraine Links

http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/05/ukraine-must-share-fate-of-third-reich.html http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/05/the-state-is-collapsing-and-now-its_30.html http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/05/mozgovoys-associates-created-new.html http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/05/ukraine-nazis-target-american.html    

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Seeing no Neo-Nazi Militias in Ukraine

https://consortiumnews.com/2014/09/08/seeing-no-neo-nazi-militias-in-ukraine/ Exclusive: With a new Amnesty International report on possible war crimes by a Ukrainian militia against ethnic Russians in the east, the evidence is mounting that the U.S.-backed Kiev regime knowingly deployed extremists, including neo-Nazis, as part of a conscious strategy, reports … Continue reading

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Nationalism ruined Ukraine’s Future: other USSR states avoided this

On the 31 March 2015 the European Empire has lent the Ukrainian Junta 1.8 billion euros. That is my money and yours! (http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/31/us-ukraine-crisis-eu-loans-iduskbn0mr24s20150331). This has to be added to the earlier large loans. See http://michael-hudson.com/2014/09/losing-credibility-the-imfs-new-cold-war-loan-to-ukraine/.  No doubt the idea is to default … Continue reading

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Russian Daily Brief for 11 May

This blogspot post http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/05/russia-daily-brief-for-may-11-2015.html provides a useful summary of the situation. It does not look good. Chancellor Merkel was in Moscow and refused to recognise the Maidan putsch: she continues to believe it was a genuine uprising. In that case the … Continue reading

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Putin blasts ‘cynical attempts to re-write history’ at Russia-Chinese WW2 Conference

Putin blasts ‘cynical attempts to rewrite history’ at Russia-China WWII conference http://rt.com/politics/255653-putin-china-russia-history/ Published time: May 05, 2015 10:24  Get short URL Russian President Vladimir Putin (Reuters/Sergey Guneev) 4.1K282 Tags China, History, Putin, Russia, WWII The Russian president has denounced any attempts to rehabilitate Nazism … Continue reading

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Ukrainian neo-Nazis ‘taboo subject in the west’

The European Empire is recruiting Ukraine, as it tries to extend its lands eastward. We have seen how in the preceding post, the European media buries its head in the sand and pretends not to see the rise of Nazism … Continue reading

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Political Murders in Kiev, US Troops to Ukraine

http://www.informationclearinghouse.infoPolitical Murders in Kiev, US Troops to UkraineBy Ron Paul April 20, 2015 “ICH” –   Last week two prominent Ukrainian opposition figures were gunned down in broad daylight. They join as many as ten others who have been killed or … Continue reading

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Links on Ukrainian Nazism

Ukraine complaint that Russian convoys keep “illegally feeding” Donbass citizens, the twenty-fourth (!) white truck convoy to date, what the Ukraine Junta calls “humanitarian contraband”: http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/04/ukrainian-complaint-russia-persists-in.html ________________________________________________________________ David Stockman: the risk of a war between USA and Russia is increasing: http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/why-the-odds-of-a-u-s-russia-military-collision-over-ukraine-are-rising/? ________________________________________________________________ David … Continue reading

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