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Putin: Europe should be more independent, defend own interests

My personal view is that “Europe” does not – nor cannot – have “its own interests”. The countries that make it up are too diverse and each with its own interests. The whole Ukraine adventure has shown this very clearly … Continue reading

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US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing ‘Russian Aggression’

http://russia-insider.com/en/us-army-building-roads-eastern-europe-citing-russian-aggression/ri9055 US wants ‘Russian aggressors’ to have good roads to drive on? This article originally appeared at Antiwar.com US military officials are loudly bragging about their latest initiative to reassure Europe, a program that was called, unlikely enough, the European reassurance Initiative (ERI), … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Right Sector and Rumblings of Revolt

An hour after I posted yesterday a new post was published in the Fort Russ blog, shedding more light on events. Since then there have been several more posts. The situation looks ominous for the Junta, a neo-nazi revolt against … Continue reading

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Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’

Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’ Published time: June 27, 2015 07:16  Get short URL http://rt.com/news/270073-nato-russia-dominance-troops/ Reuters / Yves Herman Conflict, Military, NATO, Russia, Security The Russian Foreign ministry has criticized the outcome of NATO ‘s ministerial … Continue reading

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NATO in Mariupol, Ukraine

http://rt.com/news/257809-general-hodges-visits-ukraine/ US commander in Europe to visit Ukraine Published time: May 12, 2015 14:45  Get short URL Lt Gen. Frederick B. Hodges (Reuters/Ints Kalnins) A US military delegation headed by Army Commander in Europe, Lieutenant-General Frederick ‘Ben’ Hodges, prepares to … Continue reading

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