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The situation on the Donbass

The humanitarian crisis for civilians in the Donbass region is bound to be difficult as the Junta does not recognise the rulers of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and has cut off their supplies, electricity and has been systematically shelling … Continue reading

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Beyond Novorossia: what the future holds

This post brings out aspects of Russia’s role in Ukraine that the corporate media rarely report.  The 50,000 tons of coal per day donated by Russia to Ukraine to tide them over the winter, the large numbers of Ukrainian refugees (up … Continue reading

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Mike Whitney on Ukraine

The links below provides a useful summary of the current situation. I have been waiting for some clarity for a while now and this explains what has happened and the events around it. The whole situation is a tragedy, brought … Continue reading

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When Anti-Maidan was destroyed I fled from Kiev…

Originally posted on SLAVYANGRAD.org:
Translated from German by Joerg Braun Edited by S. Naylor Original article: here. [Preamble: The third part of the interview series by Ilja Degtjarov features a young woman associated with the Anti-Maidan movement. She gives us…

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