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Greece and the Euro

The time is fast approaching when Syriza will have to make a decision to leave the Eurozone. If they chicken out their credibility in Greece will gone. But the preparation for this is crucial. The refusal of Germany to continue … Continue reading

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Its not the Greeks who failed, its the EU

http://www.theautomaticearth.com/its-not-the-greeks-who-failed-its-the-eu/ It’s Not The Greeks Who Failed, It’s The EU January 26, 2015  Posted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer at 11:35 pm Finance Tagged with: Chicago School, EU, neoliberalism, Steve Keen, Syriza Matson Aircraft refueling at Semakh, British Mandate Palestine 1931 In what universe is it a good thing to have over half of … Continue reading

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Syriza’s Service for Empire – unless

http://fortruss.blogspot.se/2015/01/syrizas-service-for-empire-unless.html Syriza’s Service for Empire – Unless There’s a Syriza Surprise! January 26th By: Joaquin Flores Meaningful Reforms can come through BRICS and Russia – But the Plot must Thicken The sounds of champagne decorking and exuberant cheers among Syriza … Continue reading

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