2016: The year of Russia’s triumph

All the best for the New Year!


by The Saker, via Unz Review

Just like European maps place Europe in the center of the planet, so do most western commentators look at the past year from a US/Europe-centered perspective. Which is fair enough. Furthermore, the AngloZionist Empire has just suffered two major disasters, the Brexit and the election of Trump, so there is truly much interesting to focus on. Still, what I want to do today is to look at the year which is ending from a Russian perspective. The following were the major challenges Russia faced in 2016:

1. The Nazi regime in Kiev
2. The civil war in the Donbass
3. Ukrainian attempts to blockade Crimea
4. The rabid hostility of the US Administration
5. NATO’s policy of military confrontation in Europe
6. The united European front against Russia
7. Western sanctions, the subsequent drop in investments and credit and the low oil prices

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