“Anti-Semites like Russia” – The Guardian


by Frank


Is there a day that goes by without some Russophobic tripe masquerading as journalism appears in the Guardian? The latest example being Paul Mason’s piece. The racist hijacking of Microsoft’s chatbot shows how the internet teems with hate. The piece was ostensibly about the alleged rise of ‘anti-semitism’ particularly in the media and on the left. Maybe he is right – anti-semitism has a long history – but of course the charge of anti-semitism is also used to silence any criticism of Israel which is deemed to be above criticism. But that is another issue.

What particularly irritated me was the following pearl of wisdom:
Interestingly, among the British anti-semites I’ve been monitoring, there is one country whose media is always believed, whose rulers are never accused of conspiracy with the Jews, and whose armies in the Middle East are portrayed as liberators, not mass murderers. This…

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