Stop the Avaaz petition for a “no fly zone” in Syria



We all know what Avaaz is and its obscene history of supporting armed invasions in the name of “humanitarianism” is well-documented. In 2011 it supported the no-fly zone in Libya that allowed the US to destroy the country and murder its president. In 2013 it supported a NATO invasion of Syria that would have ended the same way. Now its cynical warmongering has become tinged with genuine insanity as it demands a no-fly zone in Syria that would inevitably lead to direct conflict between US and Russian forces.

Almost incredibly there are still well-meaning progressives, liberals and anti-war campaigners who don’t know what Avaaz is and who put their names to these petitions under the confused impression that a no-fly zone is some sort of easy method of ending conflict, and not a de facto declaration of war that will be enforced with shells and bomb and many more…

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