Hillary Clinton Is Playing With Thermonuclear Fire, And You Will Be Glowing

Washingtons Blog is also about this and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).


by Joe Clifford, via Global Research

I would never vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and therefore have no dog in this fight.  That said, I am an interested spectator, and clearly see that Ms. Clinton is playing a very dangerous game by using the Russians as an election issue and blaming them for everything. When asked about her leaked e-mails in the last debate, she skillfully avoided the damaging content of the e-mails, and turned the table on the Russians, claiming they are the danger.  She argued we should all be alarmed at the attempt by Russia to manipulate our election, a charge which is totally untrue, and without any evidence.  

The leaked DNC e-mails clearly show that she and the DNC, not Russia, were successful in manipulating the election to defraud Sanders. Ms. Clinton lied about US intelligence agencies. She lectured Trump, saying 17 intelligence…

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